I Had a Dream

ballerina leaping outdoors

I’m 53 years old, and I just started running.

I know. Crazy. But there’s a reason…weird though that reason may appear at first glance.

All my life I’ve had, off and on, dreams about running. I’ve always thought it was odd, as I was never anything close to a runner.

As a child I was always the classmate lagging behind in gym class. I wasn’t overweight, I didn’t have asthma; I simply felt weak, too weak, and clumsy. And very, very unathletic. All the time.

For more than fifty years, the LAST thing I’ve wanted to do, ever, was run. In fact, being forced to run has always resulted in my lungs burning and my legs giving out within seconds. Unfruitful…and very, very embarrassing. (Full disclosure here.)

I hated running. Hated it. With a capital H. Maybe two of them.

And yet…these dreams would come.

In the dreams I would be running…and feeling SO free. I’d take off and actually achieve long levitating jumps. The feeling was wonderful.

Sometimes in the dream I’d run forward and simply leap into the air and glide for a bit. Other times I’d hop down the stairs, four, six, ten at a time, with a delightful near-flying, then land and run again for takeoff.

I never thought to make these dreams of reality. First of all, I’m probably never going to actually float, unless you can count fat cells making me bob in the ocean. (I do LOVE to swim, by the way.) And second: I thought that in reality, running would simply hurt.

And in some ways, it does.

Yet…once in a while, as I’m on my jog, taking things slowly (unlike I ever did before) and lifting softly from a fast walk to a slow jog, and round a corner or find my stride…I get that wonderful feeling, almost like I’m flying.

And I can’t believe it, but why should I? I mean, I did dream it in advance. (The good feeling, I mean. Not levitation. Hot dang, I wish!)

Just after my 53rd birthday, I simply woke up one day, said “walking for miles and miles isn’t working – I still weigh 200 pounds,” and decided to go for a run already…just get it out of my system.

And here I am today, sort of liking it.

Isn’t that crazy?

Here’s to dreams…and to finding our stride.

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